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Abbottstown Borough Financial Records

Abbottstown Borough Financial Records

Abbottstown Borough Council is directed by authority of the Pennsylvania State Borough Code to perform municipal matters. The Borough's residents who live within the municipal borders contribute to its budget in the form of various tax revenues.

Abbottstown Borough - Availability of Proposed Budgets. Notice is hereby given that the 2022 proposed General, Liquid Fuels, Capital, and ARPA budgets are available for public inspection on the municipal website, www.abbottstownborough.com, or by appointment during normal business hours, M-F 9:00 am – 3 pm at the Abbottstown Borough Office, 241 High Street, Abbottstown PA 17301. These budgets are presented with no municipal tax rate increases being proposed for 2022. The General Fund is a balanced budget proposal with projected revenues of $346,225 and projected expenses of $336,940. Liquid Fuels fund: total revenues of $137,300 budgeted with no expenses for 2022. Capital budget: total revenues of $162,793 with projected expenses of $135,000 pending grant applications. ARPA budget: $107,391 with $107,391 projected expenses. Questions can be directed to David W. Bolton, MBA, CBO, Borough Administrator, at 717-259-0965.


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